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Haus Creative Group Pty Ltd

Gugin Bareibunn (2)

Gugin Bareibunn (2)

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Meaning: Coastal Dreams

Introducing “Back to Earth”, a new awakening between artists Brad Turner and Cara Sanders. 

This one of a kind collection is all about cultivating a connection between the land, it’s culture and it’s people. It reaches to represent both the familiar and the strange, to harmonise and humanise common ground. Their unique series of works documents both Brad and 

Cara’s individual links to the Australian landscape; it is an opportunity to share their sole narratives and merge them into various visual creations that represent both equally. 

The art is a raw expression of their experiences through an indigenous and non-indigenous lens. They explore the rushing river beds, the colossal coastlines, the remote desert, and all the moving parts that make up the wonder of Australia. Beyond a collaboration, this is a one of a kind reconciliation, a chance to reunite difference, to get back to earth and energise the powerful spirit of our ancestors. 

This series encompasses their distinctive artistic styles with a strong emphasis on letting their stories coalesce in colour, light and movement. It celebrates the evolution of unity, and how we can close the gap between our memories, our history and looking forward to a more fearless future.

Colour Palette: Red Oxide, Ochre, Purple, Burgundy, White and Grey, Black, Sand and Burnt Sienna

Size: 1200 x 1800mm

Type: Original Artwork

Frame: Tasmanian Oak Float Frame

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